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Default 08-26-2010, 10:54 PM

contact the show WHAT WOULD YOU DO

they are always looking for ideas. they did one about forcing help on someone using a wheelchair.

wear a shirt that says if you forcibly try to help me, i will press criminal charges (battery)

Your help may hurt me.
what they are doing is actually illegal...touching a person without their consent is battery.

you would need a weeks worth of T shirts.

I was working as a special ed teacher in a public school. There was a student who was blind. The teacher was always grabbing her by the hand and having people assist her (she was 13). Shortly after I started, the student commented that I knew a lot about working with people who are blind. I let her take me by the elbow and showed her things she could feel instead of just illustrated directions.

She asked me how I knew. I told her I had learned by watching Little House on the Prairie!

another option is to have a digital recording playing.

something like

If I need help I will ask. Please do not Ty to help me without my permission. You may hurt me if you grab me. It is illegal to touch someone without their permission.

and have it playing in a loop

but of course there will be some idiot who will have to grab you just because of the warning

I would seriously call the police.

sadly high schools need a class in common sense including how to interact with people with disabilities or appropriate behavior while shopping, OT leaving shopping carts on the handicapped parking access aisle.

any chance you can have a service dog who blocks people?

if there is a bus route you take often, approach the bus company about putting up informational banners.

maybe you can enlist the foundation for the blind. even if the person doesn't have pain, they shouldn't be grabbed.

you have reason to be concerned that you are being attacked if someone grabs you. you would be within your rights to jab them---or even pepper spray least yell HANDS OFF and hold the pepper spray toward by one, they will get the message.
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Default 08-28-2010, 10:54 PM

I totally understand your problem. I'm a manual wheelchair user and people always try to move me. I was on the bus once and someone just grabbed my chair and turned me round so that they could get their buggy in, but my brakes were on and they ended up snapping one of them, so I sent them a bill for a new set. I ended up getting a new chair without handles, so that no-one can do that anymore. They don't seem to understand that I'm perfectly capable of doing stuff on my own.

The worst was a couple of weeks ago when I was out with my two daughters, one of whom has recently starting using a manual wheelchair too. I was showing her how to get down a Kerby when some random guy just grabbed her handles and pushed her across the road. My other daughter ran after them and punched him in the balls (so proud of her for that). When I came over he had the audacity to accuse me of being a bad mum for not controlling my 'vicious daughter' and that he was considering calling the police (she's only 4, I doubt the police would have done anything). I then reminded him that grabbing my other daughter could easily have been seen as attempted kidnap. I was so angry and I was so scared for my daughter's safety, so we've installed electric brakes on her chair in case someone pushes her when she doesn't want them to.

Education is really the only way to stop this sort of thing.
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