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Ways to Keep Kids at a Healthy Weight
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Default Ways to Keep Kids at a Healthy Weight - 06-29-2013, 12:55 PM

If your child is at a healthy weight now, you may wonder what you can do to help him maintain it.

If your child is currently overweight, you may wonder how you can help her stick to a serious diet and exercise plan.

Well, according to experts, rigorous diets and exercise plans are not the healthy habits to be striving for. Singling out an overweight kid will just make him feel persecuted and unhappy. It also won't work.

Instead, you can help your overweight kid move toward a healthy weight in much the same way you can help a healthy-weight child maintain that healthy weight. How? By making it easy for everyone in your family to make healthy choices and encouraging them to make those choices so consistently that they become your family's healthy habits.

Making healthy choices can help an overweight kid who is still growing hold his weight steady so he can grow into his weight as he gets taller. Small healthy choices also give healthy weight kids the habits and foundation to maintain their weight.
Healthy Habit 1: Choose to eat dinner as a family.

You can encourage family health by having the whole family sit down to dinner together as often as possible.

It might seem like an odd way to help with your child's weight, but experts say it can help. Studies have found that family meals are associated with a healthier diet and lower rates of obesity.

Why? Experts say that social eating is good for us. Family dinners are a healthy habit that help us stay emotionally connected.

Plus, when kids eat on their own -- especially plopped down in front of the TV -- they might not pay attention to their hunger level and absentmindedly overeat.

Finally, when you cook at home, you control the menu, so it's easier for everyone to eat healthy.
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Default 06-30-2013, 10:11 PM

Well that's start from small age. As soon as they are born you have to impose them to eat fruits and vegetables so as they grow they will find that normal. But if you give them a lot of candies from the begining the will have resistance later for healthier food.
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