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Is it Fibromyalgia if you hurt so bad that you dread being touched?
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Default Is it Fibromyalgia if you hurt so bad that you dread being touched? - 07-12-2010, 11:04 PM

Is it Fibromyalgia if you hurt so bad that you dread being touched?
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Default 07-15-2010, 11:04 PM

Yes. Fibromyalgia refers to a disorder of unknown cause that is characterized by recurrent pain in the joints, muscles, or tendons. Often small specific areas called "trigger points" are tender to the touch. Physical strain and cold or damp weather can make the disorder worse. Frequently, the pain is associated with other symptoms, such as insomnia, fatigue, or anxiety. Laboratory tests are usually normal. There are several treatments: physical therapy, warm or cold compresses, anti-inflammatory medication, and sometimes an anesthetic or cortisone injected directly into the trigger points. The symptoms can wax and wane over many years.
I hope this helps you. And good luck.
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Default 07-18-2010, 11:04 PM

sounds like it. fibromyalgia is a syndrome from thyroid dysfunction, often from nerve interference. see an hio method upper cervical specific chiropractor.
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Default 07-23-2010, 11:04 PM

Unfortunately the exact cause is yet unknown, but it is thought that;
Physical trauma
Possible genetic link
Hormone changes
Or a Autoimmune disorder

People who have thyroid problems or low vitamin levels such vitamin D, have symptoms very similar to fibro, and if they have the appropriate treatment find their fibromyalgia symptoms disappear.

Fibromyalgia causes chronic wide spread musculoskeletal pain. Effecting the neck, shoulders, arms, back, chest, thighs & legs.

Other symptoms can include;
Dizziness or light-headedness
Poor sleep - due to pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (diarrhoea, constipation etc)
Chronic headaches
Jaw pain (TMJ dysfunction)
Cognitive or memory impairment
Morning stiffness
Food, chemical & drug sensitivities
Dysmenorrhea (menstrual problems)
Immune dysfunction
Raynaud syndrome
Chronic Fatigue syndrome

To be diagnosed with fibromyalgia your doctor needs to do a full assessment of you, including diagnostic tests to rule out other medical condition which have similar signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia, and look at the tender points (18 in all) of the body, which is tender touch, and the patient usually has to have been unwell for at lest 3 months for a diagnoses of Fibro,

The best way I can describe it is as if I have the flu, and some times it hurts to be touched or wear clothes.
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Default 07-26-2010, 11:04 PM

POSSIBLY...but there is more to it than that...and other conditions can cause that type of pain

FMS is not a general label for Pia--it is a specific Nero condition
FMS ad thyroid are 2 different things


it is thought that it most likely is NOT autoimmune, bu tit hasn't been completely ruled out

people who are treated for Vit D or thyroid and get relief--didn't really have FMS they had been misdiagnosed
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Default 07-30-2010, 11:04 PM


I have Fibromyalgia -Vitamin D3 supplementation has cleared the constant muscle pain. I did high levels for 3 weeks & was pain free. I knocked the dose down to 2000Au's a day & a week later the pain was back. After restarting high levels, the pain is managed again after 3 days.

I personally did 35,000IOU per day for 2 months trying to refill my stores. It is highly recommended that you have your Vita.D levels tested but my research shows toxicity only at outrageous, long term levels.

I originally did B12 injections daily for a couple of years & then I tried givensnesings.Amand's protocol) for 10 years but discovered Vita.D3 supplementation last year & that has worked better than anything else!

Vitamin D3 is not a vitamin at all but a necessary hormone that effects the immune system & nearly every aspect of health. Having low Vitamin D levels greatly increases risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS & being deficient can create or greatly exacerbate health problems. Many researchers claim that optimized vitamin D levels are more effective than a flu shot in preventing viral infections.

The prescription vitamin D supplements are the wrong type (exclusivelyrILl As warned by the National Institute of Health -

Luckily you can buy vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) over the counter and the upper limits are extremely high. Current recommendations are for 35iu per pound - a 150# person needs minimum of 5250iu per day & the rda is 400iu. This amount is for minimal needs and does not account for depleted stores. March is when stores are at their lowest.

Vitamin D3 deficiency is becoming an epidemic. U.S. RDA are much too low. It is possible that upper atmosphere pollution is blocking the needed UVB light from the sun.

I also highly recommend a low carb way of eating to allow the body to regenerate rather than degenerate.

25(OH)D test level is between 50?80 ng/ml (125?200 nmol/L), summer and winter

In northern latitudes (above that of Atlanta, Georgia) the sun is at too low an angle for half the year to provide sufficient UV radiation. Most people need to take vitamin D, especially seniors, as the ability to synthesize vitamin D in the skin declines with age.

With exposure to sunlight in the summer, the body can generate between 10,000 IU and 20,000 IU of vitamin D per hour with no ill effects. In addition, no adverse effects have been seen with supplemental vitamin D intakes up to 10,000 IU daily.

Always take your vitamin D with a fat-containing meal to ensure absorption.

Dr. Joe Prendergast, an endocrinologist /diabetologist has managed over 1500 diabetic patients and, in the last decade, not one of his patients has had a stroke or heart attack. Only one has even been hospitalized! His secret?50,000 units of Vitamin D3 daily. Dr. Joe further reports:

* Reversal of advanced coronary disease
* Reversal of advanced lung disease, avoiding a lung transplant!
* Cure of multiple sclerosis
* Cure of amotrophic lateral sclerosis
* Regression of rheumatoid arthritis
* Improvement in allergies
* Control of many cancers including prostate, breast, colon, brain tumors, leukemia, myeloma, etc
* Reversal of osteoporosis
* Prevention of influenza
* Cure of depression and many other mental disorders
* Hashimoto?s hyperthyroidism

In summary, the evidence for safety and remarkable efficacy of Vitamin D3 suggests that virtually ALL adults should probably take 50,000 units of D3 daily. This is certainly true for those with virtually any illness.
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Default 08-01-2010, 11:04 PM

Take a free fibromyalgia test on
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