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Tear in glans / meatus. Please help
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Default Tear in glans / meatus. Please help - 06-13-2011, 04:46 PM

I've been going through a nighmarish situation for the past 2 months; I'm very worried that I have some irreversible damage and I'm super scared. I'm a 33 year old male, and and help or advice would be immensely appreciated.

~2 months ago, the opening to my penis was torn slightly. It happened during sex, my gf wa on top it came out and then she put some force on it accidentally when she came back down and hit it. I didn't notice till the next day, there was no noticeable bleeding, but I could tell the opening was a bit over 1/16th of an inch larger. You can pretty clearly see the opening seems to be y-shaped, because of the tear.

It doesn't seem like a like a lot - but let me tell, you _feel_ that. Every time I moved I would get a jolt of pain. I couldn't even wear underwear because the friction was too much. Just to be able to walk around I had to wear a bandage with a shaving cream cap to prevent the friction. I went to my doctor right away and he said to wait, it would be fine.

3 urologists later, it's not fine at all. It's gotten worse. I woke up with an erection the other day and the opening to my penis was actually spreading apart. It was as if part of the side was almost prolapsing out. I felt stress on different parts of the opening that I do not normally feel. I could see down into the open way more than I could before. I was scared out of my mind! I still am! I went to the ER after I called my mom because I didn't know what else to do. The ER really didn't either. They took some blood and urine samples, told me to think about math problems and have me waiting to follow up with my Urologist who only wants me to wait.

I literally feel like my penis will tear itself apart if I get an erection. I still need to wear banages and a cap on my penis to even move around. This is seriously impacting the quality of my life. My brother had back surgery and he got better faster than this! I haven't been able to go to work for over a week, theres a lot of stress on my relationship with my gf since we can barely have any physical contact due to the pain involved for me.

I'm very, very worried. My next appointment with my urologist is soon, I've been waiting through the weekend for it. I think I may need to find a new one, because I really need to get a course of action going that's going to result in my getting better. I don't know when this will start to heal, or even if it can heal. It's the scariest thing I think can happen to a man. I really need some help!
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