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TMJ and Vision
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Default TMJ and Vision - 07-09-2013, 08:38 PM

Hello there! I'm new to this forum and I haven't been diagnosed with TMJ, but I am certain I have it! For the past 3 years my jaw joints have been sore to touch, are extremely sore when I try to eat something chewy and I do not have the muscular strength to chew things properly. If I'm having a bad day with my joints, my eustachian tubes get messed up and my ears feel full. I get eye headaches, pains in my temple and a pain in the bridge of my nose.

The one thing that's weirding me out so much, and I can't find much information about it, is the change in my vision!! I want to be really, really clear about this - my vision is NOT blurry or double. It is perfectly sharp! It just feels - darker, or not as good at adapting to light as it used to be. I feel very disorientated in supermarkets or with artificial lights. The caratoid (not sure if that's spelt right) artery is very near the jaw joint, and it supplies blood to the retina, right. So if my joints are swollen to the extent that they are messing with my eustachian tubes, they could easily be messing up blood supply to my eyes. Has anyone else had eye problems like these??

Also, I've had my eyes checked by 3 different eye doctors, they are perfect. Also, I had a brain MRI and my optic nerves are fine (nothing about my jaw joint showed up, as a brain MRI doesn't show anything for the jaw joints, or so i've read. My doc was testing me for MS, as he thought that's what I had when I complained of my vision being off).

I also feel light-headed and off-balance a lot of the time.
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