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Is he a sociopath?
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Default Is he a sociopath? - 07-01-2013, 02:39 AM

I had been dating my bf for around a year.. at first I found many of his thoughts and behaviour abnormal, later came across the book "the sociopath next door" which mostly describing him.. then i read all articles online.. I really want a professional diagnose...*

His childhood:*
His father physically abuse him and his mother when he was around 5 years old, and he was staying at his grandma home for a while. He hated his dad for more than 1x years, and he said because his dad forced him to help moving house while he was taking an important exam therefore he failed ad repeat. And he hated his dad and never have dinner at home for 1x years. He doesnt have communication with family members, he said he back home just like "rent a room".

1. He always blame everything around him:*
he always told me how bad the company is, how bad his dad is, how bad his boss are.... etc, and he even blame me to his friends at my back...
He even always blame me on very little minor things, such as - when its raining and walking, he blames me not notice the water on floor, and blame me when i eat something on street which made him missed the spots when travelling.... etc

2. He lies all the time:
He lied too much and too frequently, when i suspected him, he find another lie to cover the lie.. and when i caught him with evidence, he can still continue to say the same lie... I was angry but later forgave him..... but later there were many times i caught him with evidence, he only find excuses and never feel a bit of guilt and never say sorry and never change.. I have lost my trust on him already, and everytime i suspect him he will just put the blame on me saying why i dont trust him... he can even created a story look so true which normal person cannot discover him lying and at last i found out thats a lie... I feel so horrible.. he even doesnt *feel any wrong

3. Never care about others feeling: he always blame me on many minor things directly, and always say I am naive.. and say i dont have good observation ability as him... etc

4. Bad temper:
I notice on most of things he would get angry very easily, such as - when some restaurant not allow him to take photos, he would be angry and scold at them when he walks away, and when some reception doesnt have money of his currency returning he scolded at them at back.. and one time when an old man kicked him accidentally on train, he used his ankle to attack the old man back for a while...*

5. Too selfish:*
Most of the time when my wants contradict with his wants, i am the one who fit his wants, and he never try to fit my wants, he only find excuses to reject my request and rationalize the things...*

6. He thinks he is superior:
He always say how silly others are, and how the boss under-estimated him, and he could find a better job and company..

7. Often emotionally attack me:*
Sometimes i complain him on the way he treat me, he would attack me and protecting himself with lies and excuses. Such as - he always blame me on little things, he would said "i never blame you", "i treat you the best and everyone knows"... and put the blame on me saying i always "dig things to argue with" and said he hate it.... etc...*
and he will definitely reject all my request... just wanna let me feel sad and he would have a feeling of "winning"...

I did love him, but I am really so hurt and heart-breaking after experienced everything... Now i decided to leave... And I really want to know if he is a sociopath or not ?*

Many thanks for the comments.*
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