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Fertility: Give Your Attention Back To Yourself
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Default Fertility: Give Your Attention Back To Yourself - 07-24-2013, 12:29 PM

When you are willing to conceive you should focus on yourself and learn to care for yourself first. The perfect wisdom of the body-mind does not want you conceiving when conditions are not optimum. The older you are, the greater this ontological imperative.
The hypothalamus known as “brain of the brain”, is the governor of the endocrine system, moderating the HPO axis. The hypothalamus controls the functioning of the endocrine system based upon your emotional response to your environment, translates these emotional messages from neropeptides to hormones that are received by the the ovary.
The functioning of your ovaries, pituitary gland, hypothalamus and hormones are determined by how you perceive and respond to your environment. The harmonious flow will be done if you respond to the world and the perception of the world, then estrogen is released. When harmonious flow is interrupted, your emotions get stuck.
Your inherent fertility is within you, waiting for you to attend to it. Fertility is not a recipe or a prescription. It is an inherent response to the harmonious flow of life.
Get back to enjoying your life. Your fertility resides within. Fertility is not a recipe. It is a return. So get energized yourself, reducing the stress, Which helps in proper functioning of your reproductive system.
To read more "wholepregnancy"
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