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Does Breastfeeding Baby Need Water?
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Default Does Breastfeeding Baby Need Water? - 07-17-2013, 06:18 AM

The excessive care on the child is becoming a big question to the parents in the case of feeding their baby with water. Many parents are in the confusion of, if their baby can be feed with water in order to keep them hydrated or not. But the answer is definitely NO and it is safe for your child health also.
What the baby gets all the water he or she needs from the breastmilk and no need to feed them with water to keep them hydrated. There is nothing wrong in the answer of NO with the water as that breastmilk is 87% water so it is not necessary to give your breastfeeding little-one water.
Additionally, giving water can be harmful. Giving water can fill their stomach and then they will breastfeed less. Breastfeeding less means that they take in less nutrients, immunological properties and antibodies that are important to both their growth and their health protection.
To read more "wholepregnancy."
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