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What type of birth control should I switch to?
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Default What type of birth control should I switch to? - 01-07-2009, 11:46 PM

I'm currently taking a mini-pill with just progesterone but my doctor said when my son reaches 6 months it becomes less effective and I should switch to a different method. Well he's six months old now. I plan on still nursing him and I've heard that the pill with both hormones can lower your milk supply. I've also heard that you can take something while taking the birth control pill to increase it. My main concern is the hormone getting into my son's system. I don't want to use an IUD (the whole foreign object inside of me and a fertilized egg dying doesn't sound good to me). I'd like to use something more effective than natural family planning or diaphragm /condoms. If I take a low hormone pill do you think that will be okay with still nursing my baby? How do you think the hormone would effect him?
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